IntroductionDec 1-2,2017 Nanjing China

This China Jiangsu·Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Conference aims to establish a platform for communication and matchmaking between experts, scholars and research institutes in agricultural field at home and abroad and new agricultural business entities, promote the integration of S&T and agriculture, connect R&D institutions and technological enterprises with agricultural business entities, and pool the wisdom and strength to develop agriculture and improve people's livelihood. At present, Jiangsu is at the critical stage of the supply-side structural reform in agriculture and needs to promote the development of modern agriculture through technological innovation. Themed as "Vitalizing Agriculture and Improving People's Livelihood Through Technology and Innovation-driven Development", this conference will display the latest achievements of agricultural technologies, strengthen the matching of supply and demand of agriculture and technology, and provide support for accelerating the commercialization and application of scientific and technological achievements in agriculture and improving the level of modern agriculture by organizing agricultural science and technology achievement exhibition, summit, project negotiation, release of major agricultural science and technology demand, thematic promotion and other activities.

1. Sponsors

Ministry of agriculture of the People's Republic of China、The people's government of jiangsu province.

2.Time and place

The meeting is scheduled to be held at nanjing international expo center on December 1-2, 2017 (Friday, Saturday).


The conference include: the meeting invitation and cooperation docking, make recommendations, display exhibition of scientific and technological achievements, special topic conference, modern agricultural development peak BBS, introduction of series of activities, experts, entrepreneurs in jiangsu province.

1. Nov. 30: registration.

2. Nov 30, evening: reception banquet.

3. Dec.1, morning: China Jiangsu · Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Conference; visit the exhibitions of modern agricultural science and technology achievements.

4. Dec.1, afternoon: Modern Agricultural Development Summit, Release of Major Agricultural Science and Technology Demand in Jiangsu and other related activities.

5. Dec.2, morning: special promotion activities of modern agricultural science and technology park, agricultural and rural finance and insurance, rural e-commerce development, smart agriculture, fine varieties in Jiangsu, quality grain and oil in Jiangsu, marine and aquatic products, forestry, featured rural villages, etc.

6. Dec. 3: The guests will have field visits and meetings on cooperation all over Jiangsu accompanied by related departments.



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